Garden Leader Corp - Professional Landscaping Service


Dear Prospective Customer

Whether you are a homeowner’s association board member, chair of the landscape committee or a property manager, often your reputation depends on the quality of the vendors that you hire especially your landscape maintenance company.  All of us at Garden Leaders Corp. can make sure that your property is nothing less than a positive impression to you and all who visit.

Please allow this letter to serve as our formal introduction. We are Garden Leaders Corporation,   an established landscape company since 1981. We serve a selected portfolio of customers and our success is the direct result of the long-term relationships that we form with them. We respectfully submit for your review additional information about our company and services and would like to discuss with you, at your convenience, how Garden Leaders can meet and exceed the landscape maintenance demands of a prestigious property like yours.

We also extend to you our invitation to tour any of the properties we currently maintain so you can have a fresh and closer look at our operation. Meeting our employees, management and clients is our biggest asset when discussing our services with a potential new client.

We believe that the aesthetic appearance of a community dictates how homeowners perceive or rate the performance of the professionals involved in the management of their community.  You can count on Garden Leaders to preserve and enhance the beauty of your community’s landscape and help you be regarded as one of their most trusted advisors.   
The courtesy of an interview is greatly appreciated.  Looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Best Regards,

Roberto Sanchez